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Charge – David Ford


OK. Other than my #TwitterMusicTips I’ve never blogged an album review on here before. Now is the time. And this ladies and gentlemen is the album.

A little background; David Ford started life as part of Easyworld. I wasn’t familiar with them in the early 2000s when they were releasing stuff, I have looked it up and it’s good but nowhere near as awesome as his solo work.

I think I’ve seen Ford about eight times live now (is that bordering on stalker territory?!) and every time he has been utterly amazing. This is a musician who sounds awesome on record but completely comes alive on stage. I’d been listening to his new release, Charge, online, in anticipation for his gig last Friday in York where I dutifully picked up a physical copy which has been on repeat in the car ever since.

This is Ford’s 4th studio album and I reckon his most accomplished. For me his material falls into one of two categories; sweet and romantic or ranty, angry and political. Sometimes the two fuse together seamlessly on one track.

This album is eclectic in style; folk, blues, soul…there’s a little bit of everything. Read any review that’s been put out of this album and they’ll label it as inconsistent. I’m not sure when being diverse became a bad weapon to have in your musical arsenal. There are some really stand out tracks here; my favourite being “Perfect Soul” but each track stands tall in its own right from the country-esque “Pour A Little Poison to the more acoustic “Isn’t It Strange?“.

Ford does seem to have lost his politics along the way and there’s no song with the anger and passion of, say, “State of the Union” here. That’s not a criticism, just an observation. There’s plenty of that in Ford’s back catalogue if it’s what you desire.

In summary. Another great album from a very talented singer songwriter. Listen, then do yourself a favour and buy a gig ticket too…

(1000 Radders points available to anyone who, like my friend, can name the picture from Leeds Art Gallery that is the album artwork by the way)

Essential Linkage

Listen to Charge on Spotify here
*Note to Reader: If you like the damn album buy a real copy too!*

Watch Perfect Soul Live here

Watch Ford’s mastery with a loop pedal & ranty, sweary (parental advisory!) politicalness on State of the Union here

Follow David on Twitter here


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