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2015 Wish List

I’m not a huge fan of NYE so I’m sat here with a glass of red and lots of cheese and pâté compiling my 2015 list. I got this idea from someone a couple of years back on Twitter but I can’t remember who. So here is my book and in it I will be putting 50 things I want to achieve in 2015. Not resolutions just hopes. If I get half ticked off; I’ll be happy although some will be bigger achievement than others.


1) Remission
This has to be top of the pile. I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which is a chronic condition and not very pleasant to say the least. I don’t have a uber serious case so touch wood we can get it into remission and hope it stays there for a long time. I’m struggling most of the time at minute; I tire very easily and it’s sometimes painful. A mostly flare-free 2015 would be awesome.

2) Visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park
I’ve never been here but a lot of my family have and I’m always having to look at their photos splashed all over Facebook! I’m a big animal lover and I like the fact that this place looks a lot more animal friendly than zoos.

3) Read 40 books
I tried the 50 book challenge in 2013 and it was hard work. By the end of the year I felt like I was rushing books rather than enjoying them and the whole thing felt like a chore. I’ve had a relatively light reading year this year and easily done 30 so a target of 40 seemed like a reasonable compromise.

4) Go to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
Missed it in London so need to catch this on its UK tour. Probably Newcastle.

5) Reinstate & maintain Maths Book Club
I’ve neglected the Maths Book Club run on Twitter recently so we’ve missed a book but there seems to be enough interest and nagging from certain quarters (you know who you are!) to reinstate it and I promise to be better dedicated to running it (and reading the books).

6) Have a massage
I’m not really a girlie girl but my friend Cherry treated me to a back massage this year (I’ve had some issues with a herniating disc) and it was absolutely amazing. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my life (my physio tells me I am walking around constantly tensed up and I need to chill the hell out). I need to look after myself more and give myself some earned pampering sessions.

7) Complete the 30 day plank challenge
Back to the back thing! I need to strengthen my core so this seems like a good enough place to start. Think I might actually die…

8) Cook a new recipe each week
I’m always sticking to the same old cooking routines so I want to be more adventurous this year. I was always a picky eater as a kid and there’s lots of things I claim not to like that I’m not even sure I’ve tried; if I can manage to include some of these I can kill two birds with one stone.

9) Eat at Bundobust
Lovely looking bar in Leeds that does what is apparently awesome food. Really really want to go and sample their wares.

10) Go to Alnwick & Alnmouth
Still think this is one of my favourite places in the world. Take it as a given that this trip needs to include sunrise on Alnmouth beach, a trip to Barter Books and (the bit I’ve never done) a visit to Alnwick Castle.

11) Make it to a year smoke-free
The best thing I’ve done in 2014. For anyone that’s trying I recommend Jason Vale’s quit smoking app. This milestone will be reached on 10th August 2015 at 10:30pm.

12) Have Mum to dinner once a month
I put so much time into work I’m guilty of neglecting the people that really matter; friends and family. As a single parent nobody has made bigger sacrifices and given me more than this lovely lady. Time to commit to a regular treat for her.

13) Go to Fountains Abbey
Haven’t been for years so thought it was worth adding to the list.

14) Walk the Leeds- Liverpool Canal
I love the way this has ended up at #14 when it’s one of the biggest challenges on the list. I was mulling this over so just texted Mum to say “would you think I was mental if I said I wanted to….”. Her answer was no and that she’ll do it with me. Perfect. The, as yet sketchy, plan is to completed the 128 miles over 5 consecutive days as some point in Summer. I will be raising money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

15) Have local lazy café mornings
I’ve recently moved into a lovely little village with a real community atmosphere. That’s why I wanted to move here so I need to have a few lazy Saturday/ Sunday mornings in the cafés with a book!

16) Listen to a new album every week
I’m as guilty as the rest of the world that I now have a spotify subscription so I never listen to albums in full. Each week I’ll pick an album and listen to it in full. Hopefully I’ll discover some new favourite artists along the way.

17) Walk Swinsty & Fewston reservoirs
These reservoirs are a recent discovery however circumstances (bad back, time constraints) mean that I’ve never completed the full walk of both at once. This will be rectified.

18) Watch a film a week
Pretty self explanatory. No constraints on it having to be at the cinema or anything. I’m going to aim for one every calendar week so that I can’t just watch 20+ at the Film Festival and play the average card (although I reserve the right to do that of course!)

19) Keep track of finances better
Mum’s always telling me off because I never check my bank account. I need to keep tabs of what I’m spending on what and more importantly be sure that only things I’m spending are coming out!

20) Learn to sew
Gran was a seamstress. We lost her during 2014 and I really regret not having her teach me how to sew whilst she was still here. I’m going to teach myself as a kind of legacy to her, although I have no doubt my skills will be nowhere near as good as hers.

21) Go to the Hepworth Gallery
So local but still never been here. So it’s on the list.

22) Go up the Shard
Had plans to do this at half-term but I was ill so never got down to London. Not a massive fan of heights so may prove a bigger challenge!

23) Make a loaf of bread
From scratch. I’ve only ever done this with the aid of a machine so this needs to be a retro kneading by hand challenge.

24) Get involved in the local community
I’ve talked about my local community. There’s a few things for me to investigate that I could get involved in; a monthly farmers market, an annual festival or a local food bank.

25) Go to Ingleton Falls
Haven’t been since I was a kid. Pretty sure this is where I nearly got swept away by some fast moving water when I was about 7, maybe Mum can confirm that?

26) Have a work-free day every weekend
I’ve done pretty well with this in the latter part of this year but not a perfect record. I need to reduce my stress which can be a trigger for Colitis so this is imperative.

27) Source some stained glass
A weird entry. I have a panel of tatty looking Perspex above the door into my living room. I want to source some correctly sized, and hopefully original Victorian, stained glass to replace it with.

28) See 6 theatre shows
I don’t go to the theatre nearly enough. I think probably because I’m never sure if it acceptable to go alone (I happily go to the cinema alone). Seems like a bi-monthly visit is do-able.

29) Go to Brimham Rocks
Again, somewhere I love but haven’t been for years.

30) Rebuild savings
I bought a house. My savings vanished. I’m always a bit funny about money and I don’t like not having the security of a decent lump in the bank; part of my deposit was my teaching golden hello from 11 years ago; that’s how little I part with money – tight Yorkshire girl! I need to rebuild them up over this year so that I feel comfortable again.

31) See Warhol exhibition at Tate Liverpool
***COMPLETED: 01/01/15***
Really looking forward to this and I think it will be the first to be ticked off as I have plans to go tomorrow.

32) Change contacts more regularly
I wear 30 day lenses but I’m pretty slack at changing them. That horrific picture of someone’s manky eye from doing this has been doing the rounds on social media so I promise to change them on time. (She left them in for 6 months – I’m not that bad. Maybe 6 weeks…)

33) Exercise 3 times a week
Really need to get fit. See also #34

34) Lose 2 stones
Really need to lose the weight I’ve piled on over the last couple of years. My original target was 2.5 stones but I thought 2 was more achievable. Any more will be a bonus. Will be difficult to start with as the steroids I’m taking currently are making me eat all the food.

35) Go to a glass blowing workshop
There’s a local lady who has a workshop at home and runs courses so this should be easy to organise.

36) Be able to run 5K
I can’t run. I’m unfit for a start. I’m an ex-smoker for a second. I’m also reasonably tall with reasonably long legs so I naturally set of like a bullet and I’m knackered before I get to the end of the street. This target will seem wussy to most of you but genuinely if I can run 5K without stopping it will be such a big achievement for me.

37) Go to Skipton Castle
Again local but never been.

38) Create an actual bedroom
Some of you will know the drama of the delivered bedroom furniture and the wardrobe that wouldn’t fit in the house. Bottom line is I’m still not sleeping in my own bedroom despite being in the house for 2 months. I want a bed.

39) Write a blog post a week
Not on here but on my educational blog. I blog sporadically at the minute and would like to be more regular about it. I really feel that blogging helps me reflect on my own classroom practice and also serves as a catalogue of ideas for me to not have to remember!

40) Go to Wentworth Castle
Recent discovery loved the parkland here but didn’t actually go into the formal gardens or castle so would like to do that this year.

41) Go for a walk in the North Yorkshire Moors
Just because.

42) See my best friend
We are both rubbish. At least once a month I will see my oldest bestest friend and her beautiful children.

43) Go to a Trouble at Mill event
These events look really good so looking forward to experiencing one in 2015.

44) Go on a speedboat
Weird for someone that can’t swim (that might be on next years list!) but I love the sea and boats. Haven’t been on a speedboat since I was a kid but remember loving it.

45) Keep a happiness jar
Again a stolen idea whose source I cannot recall. Keep a jar and put in it all the happy & lovely things that happen in 2015. Pick one out when you need cheering up or read them all next NYE

46) Keep a plant alive for a whole year
I kill plants. All the time. I’m not grown-up enough for the commitment.

47) Learn to play chess
I’m running out of ideas. I do want to learn chess but it seems like a big project to run alongside the other 50. Hey ho, it’s on the list now.

48) Send a message in a bottle
Curious to see where it goes and if I ever find out!

49) Make my own pasta
Love pasta. Never tried.

50) Do an owl experience day
I love owls but I’ve never touched one.


2 comments on “2015 Wish List

  1. Margaret Radcliffe
    January 1, 2015

    Thanks for the lovely compliment at #12 Hannah – It was Ingleton Falls where we nearly lost you and you got the nickname “Wetfoot” as you seemed to always fall in any available water!
    Mum xxx

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